The Bounceboard Trampoline-Board is intended for experienced users of trampolines or similar jumping devices such as inflatable Astro Jumps® and floatable water-trampolines (i.e. Aqua Tramps®) with a minimum dimension of 3300 in². It is not intended for mini-tramps.

Ensure that your standard trampoline or similar jumping device is properly assembled in a level area with at least 10 unobstructed feet (3 meters) on all sides and a minimum of 20 unobstructed feet (6 meters) above the bouncing surface. The area directly below the jumping surface must be kept clear at all times.

Manufacturer, retailer, and/or inventor shall not be held liable for any injury, loss or damage direct or consequential arising out of the use or inability to use this product for its intended use. The user assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith. The foregoing may not be altered, unless in writing, signed by the President of North Shore Incorporated. The BounceBoard and logo are trademarks ofBounceboards, LLC.

Important warning: Some trampoline manufactures will void their warranty if accessories of any kind are used on the surface of the trampoline. Check with your manufacturer before using products by Bounceboard. We have found the Bounceboard Trampoline-Boards to be no more wearing to jumping surfaces than bare feet. Bounceboards, LLC and North Shore Inc. will not be held liable for any damage the board may cause to jumping devices. All rights reserved. Bounceboard is a licensed product and protected by U.S. Patents. All art protected by copyright.  To use images please contact us at

Dental professionals recommend mouth protectors

Jump one at at time and wear a mouthguard:


Dental professionals recommend mouth protectors when playing contact sports or gymnastics. Unavoidable contact and mistakes while practicing a sport such as basketball, football, soccer and trampoline jump sports such as trrampoline-boarding may result in cut lips, broken or knocked out teeth or even a concussion. Wearing a mouthguard will prevent these problems.



Your dentist can make you a custom fit mouthguard that is easy to talk with and will fit really well with out a lot of bulk. They are more expensive but worth it.


The boil and bite mouthguards are a bit bulkier but you can make them at home and they will protect your smile. We have seen them at many big chain sporting good stores and drug stores. What to do if you forget to wear a mouthguard and you have a dental emergency?


Do not put an aspirin on a tooth ache. Wet tea bags are sometimes helpful. Call your dentist to find out what you should do. If a child has a permanant tooth completely knocked out, pick it up with a gloved hand and put it in a glass of milk or warm water. Do not clean it. Get to the dentist immediately and make sure you have the tooth with you.


Many school nurses use a frozen sponge in a zip lock baggie to apply to a fat lip or goose egg. Just wet a sponge, place it in a clear plastic baggie and freeze until needed.


Just like many action sports. Inherent means the danger is built-in but using trampolines with our cushioned trampoline-boards, if used responsibly and according to ASTM guidelines will result in a fun and enjoyable experience.


Warning: Following these guidelines (adapted after the ASTM Standards for Trampoline use) will not prevent all injuries. Like other physical activities, use of the products by Bounceboard(R) involves the risk of injury. The ASTM standards cannot list every known hazard associated with the use of the trampoline and trampoline boards. However, these guidelines promote enjoyable use of this accessory. Users agree to use Bounceboard Trampoline-Boards at their own risk. Please see “Instruction tab”.

Jumping on trampolines, jumping into foam pits and otherwise using equipment in a trampoline park is inherently dangerous, not unlike any other extreme sport. Participants and parents must accept these risks, and also take responsibility for following posted rules to minimize these risks. Our staff is well trained and our equipment is designed to make the facility as safe as possible, but notwithstanding all that we do, we cannot eliminate the risk of injury.

Source: Neiss Data Highlights 2012:–Statistics/NEISS-Injury-Data/