Trampoline boards by Bounceboard® Specs

The Classic trampoline-boards measure: 34″x12″x2″ and weigh roughly 4 lbs. The foot stance is 17″ wide center to center and is ideal for ages 6 to 14. The foot straps are positioned closer to the heel cups on the Classic model compared to the Pro boards to accommodate smaller feet sizes.

The Pro trampoline-boards measure: 39″x12″x2″ and weigh roughly 5 lbs. The foot stance is 21″ wide center to center and is ideal for ages 13 and up.

Resilient and fully compatible to trampoline decks, our trampoline-boards are the number one choice to add to the fun of jumping on a trampoline.  Our boards are designed with a special U.S. patented system which is specially engineered for trampoline use. Our products are resilient and flexible just like the trampoline bed. The boards are light with rounded edges to reduce the chance of human cuts and bruises.   Save your razor sharp edges for the snow!

Like comparing the difference between bouncing a wooden bowling ball and a rubber super ball, when it comes to jumping on trampolines, heavy wood is not good.  Super bounce like a supper ball with products by Bounceboard!  Save your rigid skateboard for the pavement, your snowboard for the snow and your wakeboard for the water! Bounceboard brand trampoline-boards are perfect for your trampoline!  Explore the limitless possibilities to add to the fun of jumping on a trampoline!

Don’t be left behind! This crazy new sport of trampoline boarding is exploding! High flying fun, our boards are sick!

The Bounceboard Story

The Bounceboard Story

No doubt many kids have been scolded by their parents for taking the wheels and trucks off their skateboard to jump on a trampoline with their homemade wooden skateboard. Or maybe they didn’t get caught? Chris however, went into the garage to make something his Mom would let him jump with. Being a dental hygienist, she was afraid her son would knock his teeth out or get hurt by jumping on the trampoline with his snowboard.  Determined to practice his flying technique, Chris designed a padded board with rounded edges that flexed with the trampoline to practice tricks. Mom approved and Chris figured other parents would agree that a padded, flexible, foam board was a safer way to practice a McTwist, Ollie, Method and more, if there was a safer way… Chris’s highschool teacher thought his idea was great and encouraged him to pursue a patent.  And so the first prototype of several prototypes was tested by Centennial High School football players and later by students at the University of Oregon’s aerial maneuvers class. Next came a lengthy and expensive quest for intellectual property protection and pursuit of a manufacturer that could put Chris’s idea into a commercial product.  That was 14 years ago that a young Chris entered through the doors of the NSI, manufacturing warehouse in Hood River, OR to sell his vision.

Creating a new product and creating a new sport has not been done in a long time. One of the best compliments we received recently was from a former Boise State University gymnastics coach who said thank you for inventing a new way for athletes to enjoy fitness. The trampoline boards are keeping teen-age boys interested in gymnastics!

Currently there are two authorized manufacturers of  our trampoline boards.  Both companies are committed to quality and customer service. We promise you that only the best products are awarded the “BOUNCEBOARD” trademark.  Anything else someone calls a “bounce board” trampoline jumping board just might be a cheap copycat. Our products were tested by professional athletes and are engineered to meet strict quality standards.

Thanks to the hard work of  North Shore Inc and Bounceboards LLC, BOUNCEBOARD tramp-boards are sold all over the world and thousands of active youth are grabbing big air and having the time of their lives on trampolines!

Authorized Manufactures:

1) North Shore Inc. (NSI) of Hood River, Oregon

2) Bounceboards LLC of Meridian, Idaho

BounceBoard® Construction

The trampoline board by  Bounceboard® is constructed with special composite of closed cell elastic EVA foam.  Our boards are strong, flexible, and offer great shock absorption.  This is a tramp-board that conforms with the trampoline surface then returns to it’s original shape. Our trampoline boards have smooth rounded edges that won’t rip the surface of trampolines.   People who kayak and body surfers in Hawaii use a similar type of foam to ride the waves because this foam can withstand slamming against the ocean floor. The tramp board workout provides great muscle conditioning to prepare you for rotations and landings.  You will notice harder muscles and a stronger core after a few tramp board workouts.

Closed cells are great for water applications.

Ever used a water trampoline?

Students at the University of Oregon’s trampoline class raved about the new trampoline board by Bounceboard…a tremendous asset for developing aerial skills, instructor Lani Loken said.

  • The Classic Trampoline Board: ages 6 and up to 200 lbs
  • The Pro Trampoline Board: ages 10 and up to 250 lbs
  • Bounceskate(TM) Trampoline skateboard: all ages and weights

This new, soft, flexible foam trampoline board promises to bring the user hours of extreme fun and thrills as different board tricks are practiced and new action tricks perfected.  Just attach straps to feet and begin jumping. The trampoline jumping boards are designed for kids ages 6 years and up.  For full instructions see “Instruction” page here on our official web site.


Our line of action sports trampoline products are the softer choice to practice snowboard and wakeboard tricks. No razor sharp edges here. No need to get the duct tape out, you have it covered when you choose a trampoline board by Bounceboard to improve your aerial skills.  Our tramp board flexes with the trampoline but will return to its original shape. This is an exciting new sporting accessory for trampolines, water trampolines, and other jumping devices like inflatable jumping structures. Trampoline boards give serious athletes a workout guaranteed to improve performance on the slopes. Just ask Hunter McMorran who competed last week at Keystone if tramp boarding helped make him stronger. Recreational athletes look out, you may be a real contender after you put in a few hours training with a trampoline board. Everyone will improve muscle strength and endurance. Is your core strength lacking? Condition with a Bounceboard and gain confidence.  Hate repetitive drills? Your workout with the the trampoline board is packed full of fun!  If you are able to  jump on a trampoline, you can jump with a tramp board.  Just try a trick without the tramp board first. If you can land safely in the same place you started, preferably the center of the trampoline, and your coach or spotters are near, you are ready to try the same thing with a tramp board. Be careful. Experience boarders make it look easy. Go slow and work with a coach or gymnastics trainer. You will get there! You will reach your goals!  Don’t get stuck with a cheep tramp board. Insist on a quality tramp board by Bounceboard.

Our tramp boards won’t damage the trampoline or any other resilient structure it is used on and it’s waterproof. After practicing with the tramp board, Bogus Basin snowboard instructors are totally impressed with the accessory. Nick Hall says he can jump at least one foot higher than before. Gymnastic instructor and wakeboard competitor Rob Dykoski of Minnesota is totally stoked about the training potential of tramp boards too!

Other tramp board enthusiasts include: Andy Finch and National TV star of season 10, MTV “MADE” show, Ashley Bachman.  Now you can feel the high flying fun working out with a tramp board can bring and be “Made” into a better snowboarder too!  MTV chose Bounceboard tramp boards because their coaches requested us and think we make the best tramp boards in the World!

Chris, says “Hey! on a competitive trampoline, I can catch 20 feet of air!”   (Now that was a dare to touch the 24 foot ceiling.) Don’t jump that high!  Boards intended for snow, water or pavement will not give you the rebounding “bounce” potential  that our tramp boards can give you.   Keep your snowboard on the snow.  It is too heavy and sharp for a trampoline.  Snowboards need ramps and half pipes and a super fit athletes riding them. Our specially engineered composite foam rubber technology used to make our tramp boards will bounce you out of site!  Safety gear, trampoline nets and pads recommended. Ditch the heavy clunky board and go for ultimate bounce.  Yes our tramp boards are lighter but that means they will fly higher!  You don’t  play volley-ball with a bowling ball do you?  So don’t use a skateboard for a tramp board.

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