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Bounceboard Trampoline Footboards:

Practice it! Catch-Air! Perform!

Skiing & Snowboarding

Test out the difference, refine your skills, improve spatial awareness, flexibility and confidence. The trampoline board workout provides great muscle conditioning to prepare you for proper rotations and  landings. Have fun while you get into shape. You will see the difference the next time you hit the slopes after practicing with the Classic or our new Pro trampoline board by Bounceboard!®

Surfing & Wakeboarding

Our jumping boards are built EVA strong to withstand hours of training. Kayakers and body surfers in Hawaii use a similar type of foam board to body surf because it can withstand slamming against the ocean floor. Bounceboard® The number one brand in America for cross training on trampolines. Go ahead. Slam it into the bed of your trampoline. The beveled edges won’t hurt you or the resilient surface of the trampoline.